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How much extra drain can you put on the stock alternator before you need to upgrade it?

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I dont know how many amps the new Supra's alternators make but my 89 has a 70 amp, and I was pushing 3 12" JL W6 subs for over a year untill I had to replace it. This was including going to competitons and pounding the system on a daily basis.
Easiest way I can think of, is if your lights are dimming when the bass hits your alternator isn't keeping up. I think the 6spds are 90 amps. That's probably under perfect conditions so in real life it might be a little less.
supra tt are rated at 90amps for teh 6spds and 100 for teh autos im putting in one from an auto into mine!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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