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Am i the only 1 keep blowing up BFG g-force ta kd 285/30/18? it doesnt make any sense to me. 3 blown tires in less than 5000 miles. There are nothing wrong w/ my wheels. Have them check up 24 hour before it blew up. They are not bent ,and no signs of leaking for either wheel or tire in bath tub( have professional checked, not myself), but it just leaks out of no where when i drive(Tire America cant figure out why). Which means, tire have some kind of problem compatible w/ street. They sholdnt claim and sell it as a street tire if it cant handle rough road. Side walls always seperate from tire. Happen once when car was completely stoped, and happended again yesterday when i was driving. According to BFG, its caused by road hazard(no warrenty), but how can road hazard damage the side wall and cause it to blow up while the rest of the tire show no sign of damage. Also Blew up from center of the tire once. It is clearly a manufacture defective but they denied. So, I am in the progress of suing BFG right now. Anyone else have the same problem, let me know.

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I have been driving around on 275/40/17 BFG Drag radials for the past 5 months on a daily basis and rail turns. I run about 38 psi in them on the street so the side walls have some stiffness.

The only complaint I have is that they only last a couple weeks on my car. Other than that they are great and hook up great at the track.

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