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If you vote or you know people that do please take a couple minutes and educate yourself or them about Amendment 4 (AKA Hometown Democracy). This will be on the ballots this November. I have attached a couple web links to be pasted in your browser for anyone to read. The links gives some insight on how the Amendment will affect all Floridian residents who pay taxes.,_Amendment_4_(2010)

My personal opinion is if it sounds to good to be true then it is.

Example 1: Florida Lottery helping schools. No one asked at the time when this came about if the money generated by the lottery would be an addition to the state and federal money already in place for schools. And would that state and federal money stay in place for schools. Now we rely more on the lottery for helping finance schools.

Example 2: Smaller class sizes (amendment on our constitution) No one asked how we could afford this. Smaller class sizes sounds AWSOME however this would mean more teachers, more classes and more schools. The state cannot afford the schools and teachers they already have.

Amendment 4 in a nut shell: The districts of Florida have a Comprehensive Development Plan for future Development and amendment 4 is basically wanting you me and everyone else in Fl to vote on changes to these plans essentially telling land owners what they can and cannot do with their land. The way things work now is a land owner who wishes to change the land use for lets say agricultural to an industrial park (could be anything) puts together a plan and then takes that plan to the county and city land officials that WE ELECT and who are educated in land development generally law, land planning and engineering and they tell the land owner what they like and dislike and then hold public hearings on the matter for ME, YOU,and THE NEIGHBOR to come to said meeting and give our opinions and concerns likes and dislikes. From there changes to the plans are made generally and then the whole process happens again until the land owner either is allowed to proceed or is told to do something different based on their professional opinion and opinions of the local public. Some people are for this others against the changes. IF the majority of people are against the changes and voiced this to the ELECTED OFFICIALS but the officials went against the people then guess what we have the power to vote against them in the next elections. This process works fairly well and does not cost us much. Amendment 4 wants ME, YOU, & OUR NEIGHBOR to review all these potential land changes that are in our city or county (documents generally are hundreds of pages long in legal text) and vote yes or no on the changes. The problem is majority of us are not educated in land development plans to have this material make sense the other part of the problem is there are thousands of changes per year and none of us are going to read about any of them before voting. And none of us are going to spend any more time than we have to to check yes or no for hundreds of land use changes each voting period.

If you have any interest in this do your home work and read both sides of the debate but I ask that people vote NO on amendment 4!
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