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Amp connected to stock headunit?

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Hi, I have a question pertaining to car audio but not related to a Supra specifically. I have a 92 Lexus LS400 .. so systems may be similar.

I'd like to get a sub amp hooked to the stock head unit, I don't want to buy an aftermarket one now. I'll be powering 2 - 12's. I don't know if the current head unit has pre (rca) outs. Do any factory head units come with pre outs?
The car comes stock with a POS sub in the back, which I have access to from the trunk. Is it possible to hook up the input to the amp from the wires going to this current factory sub?

Do I have any options besides buying an aftermarket head unit?

Sorry if these sound like dumb newbie questions ..

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Some aftermarket amps have speaker level inputs which would work with your factory head unit. You can also get a converter which takes your speaker level outputs and converts them to line(rca). Not the best thing in the world to use, but if you aren't building a competition system right now they work fine.

My advice is to trash the stock head unit tho. You will notice a big improvement in quality with an aftermarket unit. my $.02
I have a simillar question. I am on a tight budget here, and can only upgrade either the HU or the speaker. I personally think that upgrading the HU will give the most improvement, but my friend absolutely sure and betting his life on it that by changing the speaker is the way to go. So should I change the HU or the speakers? Thanks.
Parboy! When you said:

"You can also get a converter which takes your speaker level outputs and converts them to line(rca)."

Do you mean I can just hook up the speaker (sub) wires to this adapter and run the amp off of it,then run the sub off of it?

If so where can I get one!

what kind of amp are you running(unless you havent bought one yet in which case go for a USAcoustics. its got the speaker level inputs, its pretty cheap and it sounds rather good pushing a 2ohm load...2 subs). if not, go for the speaker-to-rca thingy

adam 89t
RedTurbo, the converter is a device which you wire into the harness coming off the back of the HU. It will come with instructions. With that in place you will be able to use RCA lines to your amps. You should be able to find one at any car audio shop.
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