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Some of you JZXproject guys have already seen this, but I would like to share my project with both communities as I have been a Supra owner and member for some time.

Basically I will keep this short and bombard you all with pictures so not to lose anyones attention to fast.

Long story short. I had a Supra, needed a daily driver. Long time lover of Toyota's and huge fan of Rear Wheel Drive I found a 500 dollar Cressida broken down on its way home from an auction. Auction dealer wanted nothing to do with the car so I payed him what he paid. After owning the Cressida I started to become a member of various forums and realized the potential this little 4 door sedan had. One thing led to another (*cough) got married, my wife has a son, life didn't have room to do anything cool. So 3 years later. My 500 auction special starts to die on more levels then one. So again with the same premise in mind as above but with the dream at the ready. I again found a "500" Cressida (see below). This time the Cressida was not drivable, but it had 90,000 original miles, and everything worked! Even the hood struts! So with Cressida in hand and a little bit of help from Rob (Ropadopa) at Grip Industries, the build was planned!!!


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Over the weekend Rob and Pete at Grip seemed to be busy. They sent me over these photos of the progress last night.

Here is a shot of the new next to the old and a sneak peak at my primer paint job on the oem bumper . Its a shot from the rear so they are both shy. :

Here they are again posing for the camera. Don't they look like best friends! :

The 1J hamming it up for the camera. What a great smile! :

Engine shot. You can see where the cavity (BHG) was. :

More dirt :

And some more dirt :

Getting better!!! On the left you can see how good Pete's elbow grease does on tough stains. The right is the other brands = ( :



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Finally I had to order a few things... Here is a list with some product pictures.

Greddy Profec B Spec I (or S series I guess you could call it) :

HKS Turbo Timer :

Tial 50mm BOV (for the ricer in me) :

Driftmotion SS PS line :

Driftmotion Blue Air Filter :
(details said just buy one so I did : P)


Autometer boost guage :

Magnaflow Exhaust :

Dynomax :

(to make it a little quiter)

Megan Racing Coilovers :

Greddy Downpipe :

Ebay Special IC / 3in Aluminum Piping / Blue Couplers :

MKIII 4.30 LSD :

2jz-gte Water Pump / 2jz-gte fan/clutch / Waterpump Pulley :

Battery Relocation Kit :

And *cough* Sparco Hood Pins : (cause I had to drill holes in the hood to brace it for the 6 hour drive cause the hood was broke)

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Sorry I haven't had much to post on this. Grip is located about 3 hours away from me and with work and life just being plan ole busy I haven't gotten any new pictures. But I will do so as soon as I go to pick up the car which should be very soon. Like end of this week or beginning of next week.

Regardless aside from this thread I have collected a few PM's inquiring about price, and other stuff with the car. So I will let you all know what I payed. Please keep the you payed to much, too little or just enough comments to yourselves.

The car itself was 400$ and like the OP it has 96,XXX miles on it. I payed for a friend to tow the car to me and used AAA Platnium free 200 miles to get it to the shop.

The Engine I bought from GRIP. I did not want to go the route of an unknown importer or any of that business for a few reasons. I choose Grip for their reputation and the fact that they work with an individual who sells them motors and have been working with that individual for quite sometime. Because of this relationship the engine has as much of a warrenty as I could expect. If it doesn't start we will get it working or get you a new engine. Because I do not have the DIY garage and stuff I think GRIP was the easy choice. GRIP was refered to me by many as an amazing shop and I would extend the same recommendation to anyone else that was thinking about getting their car done. Rob and Pete are amazing. So here is a price break down.

DISCLAIMER : I am not posting the below as accurate numbers that GRIP would qoute you if you got the work done there. This qoute is specific to my car only


400.00 Car

subtotal : 400.00

Driftmotion :
10.00 -Air filter
65.00 -PS hose ss ;
119.00 -HKS Fuel Cut Defencer ;
103.00 -Fuelpump ;

subtotal : 297.00

Supraforums For Sale Section :

100.00 -LSD ;
50.00 -MKIV Fan + Clutch ;
100.00 -Greddy Profec B Boost Controller
65.00 -HKS Turbo Timer
100.00 -Tial BOV (authentic)

subtotal : 415.00 For Sale Section :

100.00 -APEXI S-AFC Verision I

subtotal : 100.00


850.00 -Megan Coilovers ; Grip Industries
200.00 -Greddy Downpipe ; Grip Industries
50.00 -Throttle Cable ; Grip Industries
100.00 -Fluids ; Grip Industries/Supplied (case of oil)
150.00 -2 jz-gte waterpump ; Grip Industries
100.00 -Battery Relocation Kit ; Grip Industries
150.00 -FMIC ; Grip Industries
30.00 -1 jz timing belt
40.00 -Waterpump Pulley
135.00 -IC Clamps and couplers
2000.00-1jz-GTE (jzx90)
subtotal : 3805.00


00.00 -PS house ss ; included in swap price
00.00 -HKS Fuel Cut Defencer ; included in swap price
00.00 -Exhaust ; included in swap price
00.00 -Fuel Pump ; included in swap price
00.00 -Boost guage ; included in swap price
00.00 -Throttle cable ; included in swap price
00.00 -Fluids/Filers ; included in swap price
00.00 -2jz Waterpump ; included in swap price
00.00 -1jz timing belt ; included in swap price
00.00 -Downpipe ; included in exhaust part cost
00.00 -Battery Relocation Kit ; included in cost of the kit
00.00 -FMIC ; included in cost of the exhuast/sawp price
00.00 -Exhuast/Muffler ; inlcuded in exhaust part cost
50.00 -BOV Block Off
150.00 -Megan Coilovers ; labor install/set up
150.00 -LSD ; Swap gears into cressida rear housing

subtotal : 2350.00

Summit Autoracing:

41.95 -Dynomax ;
127.95 -Summit Magnaflow
51.95 -Boost Guage

subtotal : 221.85

30.00 - Sparco Hood Pins

subtotal : 30.00

Total : 7618.85

PS: I was 2618 over budget LOL. Also I have not include new rubber which will be a few more dollars and fender rolling. Basically here is what I would like to say to the people who Pm'd me about this build in terms of price. When you build something you build it for you. You are not building it for what it will resell for, what your friends will think, or for any other reason. If you don't have a shit eating grin from the moment you think up the build down to the moment you pick up the car building the car was not worth it. Price should not matter : P, because driving it should feel priceless.

Hope this helps and enjoy the pictures when I take them and put them up of the final outcome!

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Sweet project man. Does that come with the 5M or 7M motor? Reason being is that I got a cousin with a cressida that is thinking about a 1JZ or 2JZ swap some time in the future.
Comes with a 7m-ge, if there thinking 1jz see below and if there thinking 2jz see below and add 2,000 more = P. If they want a manual add another 1500 = P to both.

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Good luck with finishing it. Id love to have a swapped cressida.

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OMG...This is awesome. Extremely comprehensive. This gives all of us (researchers and DIYers) a great platform to launch from.
Oh, a side question. It's a A340E, automatic?
Awesome forum...Awesome people.
Thanks in advance.
A340 is the transmission, well just called into Grip this morning and looks like early next week I may be bringing it home! I will make sure to post plenty of pics inside and out for everyone so just a little more time : P

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i love these cars when they are done up right like this one good luck witht the build man

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Driver Side

Stealthed FMIC : P

Engine Bay

The magic of cutting and welding!

If you do it to one side rinse and repeat for the other!

Captian Terrible focus on the exhaust!

FMIC and Coolant tucked away.

Megan's on all 4's

Another of the bay.

Passenger Side

TT wheels + rubber = Grip!

There you go video and more pic's once I clean her off to come!!!
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