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Guys... from what I hear from Mike, he was pulling out of a alley, and a guy in a Saturn clobbered him at 30mph.
Not too sure about the INS or the other details.
He's a little shook up right now about the whole thing, as any of us supra owners would be.
So give him some "adda boys" would ya?
He's ok, same with the kids and the wifey.

wha huh?
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wow, tell mike i feel for crash was nowhere near that bad and was my fault...the car is totalled, plain and simple, tell him to start searching for another. well, i am glad that everyone was ok, and that he should give us the name and addy of the saturn guy so we can go kick his ass...

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Hey everyone thanks for the support!!

as far as whats going to happen to the car I really dunno yet... I have gotten some offers to a few front ends and a 92 jdm front clip as well but my main problem with it is I dont have a garage I can use and as you see in the pics my driveway is gravel.... so it doesnt work well with the major work that would have to be done to fix it...

damage: frame is streight I believe it looks alot worse then then it is(well not really) when I got hit he barely caught the front end aand thats what caused everything to shift so far... as it is he didnt touch anything thats actualy structural...

How it happend:
Technicaly my fault :( but basicaly its just a shit luck incident..... My driveway is off an ally way and that alley dumps right onto a main road thats decently busy... its also a blind corner AND parking is allowed on that side of the street too SO it usualy makes a bad situation worse.... sunday as me and the famly where leaving to finish up some chores and then go spend some time together at a movie there where more then average cars parked on the side of the street with couple truck and such making seeing absolutly impossible. So I was inching VERY slowly out trying to see around a truck that was parked about 6-10 foot from the edge of the alley when BOOOM.... We didnt even see the guy untill after he hit us as we still couldnt see around the truck that was parked there... as said in the damage the front was sticking out so little that he didnt even hit far enough back to catch the font wheel... so the nose got the smack down put on it by a satern at 30MPH and thats why the damage looks so bad....
I was cited with a failure to yield which I am not going to try to fight as well I DID cause the accident after all lol....

hows things going:
I have been so depressed since sunday I havent eaten much of anything which johns allready hollerd at me about(and the wife as well so.... lol) wifey and both the boys are perfectly fine
hell to be honest it truthfully didnt feel much more then a bump when we got hit...

once again thanks for the support everyone I have put TONS of work into this car and had some plans to lay some interesting #'s down this spring that would have been sure to cause an uproar(AKA john lundsford style :) (still my hero)) but it looks like that all may be crushed... and probably permanantly...

Not to be a jerk but has anyone noticed how many totalled Supras are totalled by Saturns? Just noticed it seems to be most of them. Maybe I should just lay off the cough syrup..
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