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Another Challenge!

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Alright, some time ago I gave the boys in the Car Audio a question that went something like this....

I want a list of ALL the mods that money can buy. This however doesn't include the outrageous, race only, extremely rare( some exceptions, see below ), and the ones that nobody would get due to being just too hard to work( ex. something being too complex to set-up in a day, not install, but set-up ) I want a list of all the "Bolt-On" mods that you can get at MVP, SupraStore, SP, etc. that you guys would get if you had the money.

No widebody kits that need to be imported.
Engine mods can be imported if it takes under 6 months to get them and I can have a car running while I wait.

Also, I need to know what it would take money and time-wise to install it at a good Supra shop ( near Utah ) and what I can do myself.

if possible replace the "Alphabet soup" items with the AEM ECU because I have every intention of getting that. Just need to know what to get.

Auto or 6spd
What single to upgrade to that would give me enough HP to beat most of the cars at my track and pull under 11 secs on the 1/4.

This includes but is not limited to:
Body/Lighting ( nothing to ricey, but it needs to catch eyes )
Color for a good Mobile DJ sponsor-type paint job
Safety ( roll-bar, etc.. )
Simple Mods for looks in the engine bay.
Any all-around good mods to get.

Try and list the pro's and cons of the Auto and 6 spd.

I think thats all of them.

I am getting some sponsorship for my business ( Mobile DJ ) and they need to know how much money I wanna spend on a Promo car, which of course I want a Supra, and they want it to be as detailed as possible.

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My car


I might be thinking of selling my car, but i've refused most all offers from little asian punks cause the car deserves better. It's a 94 TT 6spd HrdTop w/ 60k on it, all service done and oil every 2500k (Mobil 1 synt.). The car has the following mods done to it over the course of the last .. eh... year or less. RMM dp, Apex'i AVC-R (used only for monitoring, for now), Blitz SSBOV, Unorthodox cam gears, underdrive pulleys, HKS smf intake, 3'' Apex' i GT straight pipe, possibly some custom piping w/ a fmic soon. I haven't installed the stereo i bought for it yet, which i guess is a good thing in your case. The car has a decent start in mods, but a lot more can be done. The car was a gift for my dad and wasn't even registered till a few months ago this year. If your interested, throw me an offer...
Why would you sell a Supra?
That's a good car, but I wanna start from the ground-up with the best.

Thanks anyway.:D
Anybody up to this? Come on nobody from MVP or SupraStore on here feels that they can do this? I know that you guys have the knowledge for this, I want a lot of opinions. Even if you only recommend one part, thats fine, just want some ideas as to what Supra owners would like on their car and what they trust.

Come on guys!

Thanks in advance!
Look dude, this is the tech area of this forum. We take this part of the forum pretty seriously. If you are for real and want to buy EVERY POSSIBLE UPGRADE feel free to email me and we'll talk but dont feel too bad if folks on here dont reply, from this post you just look like another 15 year old dreamer to us.......
Sorry to seem that way.

Just need ideas on add-ons and this is the TECH section isn't it. I figured this would be the place since everyone is already talking parts here anyways.

I am not dreaming, nor do I want EVERY possible mod on the Supra, just want to know what everyone would get if money was not to much of a problem.

Remember, I have enough money for a modified Supra, not a Ferrari. But since I can get a good Auto Supra for under 25k that leaves me with 60-70k to play with.

Just wanted to know everyones favorite parts and what they are priced at.

I apologize for seeming like a 15 yr old dreamer. I have always respected the amount of knowledge you guys have about the MKIV Supra and wanted some expert views from people who actually drive a Supra( Local shop owner laughed when I said that I wanted a Supra and he said that i was nuts, personaly I don't think I'm nuts. I just want a good car.
Your question is a pretty huge one.

Do some poking around on the web and educate yourself a little more first and then maybe you'll be able to come back with some more specific questions.

Here are some resources that might be helpfull to you. Tech Section


Supra Store Sound Performance

HKS UsaPower House Racing

Between all those sites you should be able to find most every mod available for a Supra.

Now that being said, I'll humor you (since its a slow day before Thanksgiving) with how I would build a "Perfect Supra".

APEXi/RS Akimoto intake
HKS Super Dragger
Greddy Fuel Cut Defencer
Stillen or other 3" stainless steel Down Pipe
HKS GT Intercooler
HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
HKS Cam Gears

Tien/HKS/JIC Coilovers
18x9.5 & 18x11 Work/Kinesis/Fikse Rims

Stillen body kit or Whifblitz Front w/ Stillen Side
Veilside Hood

That is the basic upgrade I would do. After that things get a little nuts.

T-66 or maybe HKS GT Twins
Fuel System
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If you want to talk about a supra with EVERYTHING do a search for Keith Ta.
Actually, that is a great point raised. Go here:

Research that car has all the mods and more than you could ever want. Then of course you have to cry yourself to sleep when you find out that Keith's car has some trick stuff that essentially money can't buy (not an absolute statement, but much of his setup is purely custom). ;)

Steve T.
1995 Supra TT hardtop
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