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My time has come to dismount my yoko street tires off my Blitz 03 18"X10" rims.
I'm at BPU level just shy of 400whp on my automatic. I have a set of BFG TA-KD drag radials on my stock rims and they work great, but I only mount them up for the strip.
What I'm asking is what Drag radial would be a good street and stip tire for my Blitz rims and what size would be best. My 285/30/18 yokos rub once in a while when I hit a bump or dip under WOT otherwise no problems. (stock shocks with 104k on them also.....)
I like the BFG TA-KD's and don't know much about the nittos' other than what I've read here.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I don't know the offset of the Blitz 03's either.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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