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Well as you all know, I have 2x87 Turbos. The driveable one only has a Turbo elbow and a spacer kit, as far as performance mods go. Just before I left for this sandbox, I tested those mods out.

Kills ranged from a Stage 2 Roush, 80's Vette, Slightly modded Mustang (93), WRX (Only from a roll), and several other little ricer cars. I was beat by a 13 second Honda hatch, a real kick to the ego, but after seeing his car at the track-I did not feel as bad. I also beat a R/T Stealth, which amazed me because the cars are very similar in weight, and I guess that means I was producing more than 300, since his car does that number stock. The Roush was probably the most fun, because that run did not let off until we were weigh into the triples. Enough said, I MISS MY SUPRAS!

The stuff going on out here lately just makes me think we will be here until April or May, but you never know. Anyone that may have some street racing MKIII videos or similar stuff for us speedjunkies would be sincerely appreciated. Just PM me if you think you have something to drop in the mail, and I will return the favor. I buy stuff from the locals all the time, and chances are if you want something LEGAL, I can get it to you.

Other than that, our car with the 62-1 kit is undergoing some more mods. I really need to start a weight reduction program for that car to ever be competitive on the Import Racing scene. Any ideas via PM would also be great.

Is anyone interested in the basically stock 87? It would be a great drifter because I just had Apex springs and Billsteins installed, along with Brembo cross-drilled rotors, just before I left. The car was super stiff, but I only drove it about a week before getting sent here. It also has a PPG Primer/Sealer coat with all dents and dings removed, as well as the intake on the hood, a mod the body shop did for me. I know this is the wrong forum, but I just wanted to see if anyone is interested.

Peace out and let me know what's going on, I don't have the time to surf all the latest pages because our internet time is limited.

Oh yeah, I have yet to see a MKIII here, though I have seen at least one Ferrari and several BMWs, Mercedes, and arseloads of Suburbans and Caprices. Go figure, I thought they had a ban on importation of cars here back under the old administration. Looks like it wasn't that strict of an embargo.
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