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Just got back from the track rental..

After a morning of bad run's.. 11.5's @ 130 I took a break for lunch..

After lunch I did it.. 3 runs in a row..

My Best was a 10.81 @ 135mph on Bogarts and ET streets
Short time was a 1.7.. Still room to improve..

On the Down Side.. I have a Phillip Long 2-Step forsale..

I think the best way to go is dropping at 7k and spraying a 50shot..

On a final note.. I wanna thank Larry at Sound Performance..

The SP63 and the SP intake manifold did a great job.. I was really happy..
Now i cant wait until the Sp70 arrives..

'98 SP63
10.81 @ 135MPH

Awesome awesome runs Al...Very enjoyable to watch;) Wish I ran better but I can only say "next time". For you information your 10.81 got me psyched up to running my best of the day. :cool:

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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