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orijinal_poser said:
if you want a good e46 m3, get an 02 or higher m3 as the 01 had a rod bearing cap issue......

the reliability issue of bimmers greatly depends upon how well you treat them. if you take care of them well, they will last well into the 200k mile mark. if you treat them like shit, well........

as long as you're a pretty good DIYer, maintenance on a bmw can be cheap.

Well about the Rod Bearing situation that was true up until a few months ago. BMW just had a new recall for all 02's and 03's. My 04 E46 M3 just made it by without having to get the recall done. As far as reliability goes I would personally stay away from any used BMW that does not have an existing warranty to go with it. You'd be better off buying that IS300 your thinking about.

Good Luck.
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