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I have a friend that is trying to sell me a unused magnafuel prostar 600 mz-4701 fuel pump.

From what i can see, this pump is rated to about 2000hp on a NA efi engine.

But there is a few things that i`m not really shure about, so thought i`d ask here.

1: this pump only have a AN-08 inn\out, how can it flow that much fuel? ( a an-08 inn should not be able to?

2: do anyone have a flow chart on these pumps? ( magnafuel customer service SUCK! they do not responce to e-mail at all..) This is a older pump, and now they seem to have changed the 600 to one that is called 625 witch have a an-10 in\out.

3: This pump is made like a mechanical pump, so mo fuel goes thru the motor, and the motor only uses about 15A, so it does not heat up that much, Do i still need a fuel cooler? or is it ok to run without it?
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