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Here is my deal, I just recently got my car working again, and my engine runs pretty well for the most part. It will get me around, it holds oil pressure randomly ( at times its up, at times its at nearly nothing , at any RPM)? But remains full. I've replaced every cracked hose I saw besides one ( The small one right below the 3000 pipe , which you can hear air comming in ). Well anyway, there is still this slighty loss of power, like at higher rpm's, it just feels funny. The engine is still pretty torquey, it hasn't lost that.

The Turbo seems to be working fine, it boosts ect ect and I can feel it kick in, but sometimes it feels a little choppy. I can't exactly describe how the car feels, but it certianly doesn't feel like its running 100%. There is a slight amount of oil in the sparg plug vallies from the valve cover gasket leaking, but I've seen that on alot of cars which didn't seem to run into any problems.

I have access to Scan Tools, but there is no engine code, I have access to Bear and Sun Machines also, but I don't know what I should be looking for? I'd imagine I'd be looking for compression if the engine had major powerloss, as in like a lack of that torque I can still feel, so I'm thinking its something more along the lines of vacuum or the turbo...?

Comming from the tail pipe is pretty much normal exhaust... no blue or thick white smoke ( Well sometimes white smoke at start up, but its pretty rare ).

Any other hints? I'm probably just going to throw down for a JDM motor, I had alot of plans for my car but I landed a job that needed me to drive it again.

I'm sure its in dire need of a tune up, 150xxx miles on it and I haven't gotten one since I bought it ( 134xxx miles ). But not much point if I don't plan on using the engine and getting a JDM.
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