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Most of you probably know about this place. It's a resort at the end of an 11 mile scenic mountain road, home to 318 turns! Because of the tightness of the curves, the road and resort cater mostly to motorcyclists, for casual cruising as well as corner-carving.

There are a good number of cars that run the course, as well, despite the relatively low speeds. I've heard it's not uncommon to see a few Loti on the course, and I've heard of some Ferrari gatherings there, as well. I searched the forums and found a few shots of Supras there, also. A local NSX owner went there with a group of 450 Mini Coopers (many Central Floridian), and they took some AWESOME pictures, mostly scenic:

I was looking forward to heading up there sometime over the summer, and wanted to gauge some interest in anyone else, Supra or otherwise. Most likely mid August, depending on where the Orlando meet lands. The trip would be about 10 hours from Tampa to the Deal's Gap resort, or another nearby hotel.
I would like to spend a good two-three days there, as it would be impossible to get bored of, and even if the Soup gets tired, there is a good bit of scenery to enjoy.

Anyways, I'll probably go whether or not anyone else is up for the trip, just passin' the word along. I'll leave you with this map:
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