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Guys I have "all" the goodies.. but need help. My machine shop guy who rebuilt the engine from the ground up felt me hanging too long... so i have a mk3 that's been a project car for 3-4 years now...

Rebuilt racing engine
horsepower freaks 4" full exhaust
SP Turbo kit
SP fuel system
SP Intake Manifold
SP FULL Customized IC KIT
AEM system

The car is pretty much in parts.... that bastard... he is bankrupt and took my money too...

The rear end (4.10 gears and rebuilt done) sway bars, brake kit, transmission (stage3 clutch/ new stock flywheel), 4 pt roll cage... all complete at least.

BUT i need help installing the engine. The bolt-ons like IC/INTAKE/FUEL SYSTEM I could do but would welcome support for sure! ANYONE up for some BEERS and FUN? I have some mechanical knowledge but not even gonna try this alone.. especially after having 15k invested in this beast! ... I should of known better.. a machine shop guy trying to expand and do the full car rebuilds...

PM with a phone number or email.. so we can meet up and chat! Depending on what you can ofter I might be able to get more cash together or trade something, or provide other professional services...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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