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Hey, anyone in here have around 440cc's and still on stock maf? If so, do you mind giving me your settings just as a basis of comparision?

The reason I ask is because I'm getting shit mpg. The person who owned the car before me didn't tune it shit. They just randomly set everythign at -23%. So when I went to dyno tune it, the tuner left everything below 4000rpm at -23%. But I think it should be -30% instead, which explains why I'm getting bad mpg.

Can someone post up their settings so I can use it as a basis of comparision?

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ONly ting I can suggest is getting a wideband and pull back on the afc while keeping an eye on the AF ratio.
When I had my 440's put in, I had to pull back to like -17% and I was still getting bad mpg.
But 17 was about as far as I could pull while the car was idling, any more and the rpm needle would get erratic. so I set that as a baseline across the board (since my wideband wasn't in yet)
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