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Ok i need to sell my beater to make way for the bike.. its an 88 nissan 200sx.. 190k on the clock a/c and heater V6 (VG30 BABY) rear wheel drive (DRIFT MACHINE) auto..tranny freshly rebuilt..chirps 2nd gear.. car runs great.. gets me every where i need to go.. has some rust.. but not bad for a florida car.. and gas guage doesn't work.. newer fuel pump... new plugs.. fresh oil change.. 25+ mpg.. save gas money and mileage on ur supra..

umm don't know what else to say about it.. don't have n e pics.. pm me if you want some... oh interior is near perfect.. not one tear in a seat or crack in the dash.. it has a cuztom FART CAN. LOL i can put a quiet muffler on if wanted.. but its not loud THIS CAR GETS ALL THA LADY'S.. yeeaaahhh

900 bucks get it outta my drive way..

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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