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I've set up an event at Texas World Speedway for Maxus 2005 (Annual Maxima Meet held in Dallas this year)...
I just received word from the track that only a small handfull of people entered out of the 50+ that said they wanted to go (surprise!)... I need to show up with at least 30 people to make this event happen... Thus, I'm opening entry to anyone that wants to come.

the jist of the event...
Who: anyone who wants track time
What: EIGHT 30 minute sessions per run group- 4 hrs total track time per driver!
When: Friday, June 10.
Where: Texas World Speedway
How Much: $180 per driver

We will be running two run groups- beginner & advanced. Instructors will be available as requested or deemed necessary. The track will provide safety workers, so that is covered.

I have hotel rooms reserved at the Manor House Inn which is just a few minutes from the track.

More info located here:

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not allowed on the track w/ cars at the same time..
probably not a good idea anyway. too many stupid people out there.
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