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Anyone ever have problems with RPS Turbo kits (not the turbo) ?

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I Was thinking about getting an RPS Turbo kit w/o the Turbo and then maybe throwing an SP57 on it or something along those lines (because its cheaper than going with the SP kit) and I was told this would work... but I called SP Engineering today and they said they do not sell them anymore because of some problem with the Manifold cracking? (I THINK thats what he said) so I was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on this... Id hate to buy one and have it break on me... thats just what I would need, but I can see it happening because everything else bad that can happen, always happens to me...

So let me know, thanks.
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I've had my RPS kit for about a year and a half, and havent had any problems with it. I do have the RPS downpipe with the flex section, so that could be part of it.
I'll only state this. SW has an RPS kit (you know...cause he just goes buys the cheapest thing out there because he's skimpy like that ;) ), My partner Chris Johnson has one, Peter Blach, a former PHR kit owner, now has one, and within a week or so, I will have one (selling my HKS twins).

PS, SP Engineering happens to be the biggest Greddy dealer in the nation.

PS2....We sell RPS kits. Call us at 512-342-9890 or email us at [email protected]
How much for a Turboless RPS Kit?... Im interested, Private message me or e-mail me @ [email protected] ... Id rather not contact Turbo Imports directly, so if you see this great, if not... Ill contact you in the near future... I still have to see whats going on with my jobs to determine when I can take the plunge... And of course, thanks for the input!
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