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I just picked up a set of mystery TRD cams.
The guy I bought them for said they were 256 cams.
But as soon as I got them unpacked, I could tell the lobes were way too fat to be 256s.
They have the number '2187' engraved on the end of one, and 'TRD' cast into both.
First quickie check with one of them in V-blocks, a dial indicator, and a degree wheel is showing 288° and 10.65mm lift.

Does anyone happen to have a list of TRD cam numbers?

Doubt if these are going in my automatic/street car.
But I think they will be right at home in my Gr.A head,
instead of the TODA 272s I have been hording.
(as soon as I machine it so those 11mm lift lobes clear)

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Interesting. I never heard of TRD cams. This is for the 7m? Can you post pictures? Dennis
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