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Anyone have a link or article on how to install a EGT gauge?

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OK, Ive got the boost gauge, now I need to install a EGT gauge. Does anyone have an article or link of how to install this gauge. Is this somthing I can do myself? (Without a lift) I need to know the simple things, like where is the best place to run the "probe"in a 97 TT Supra. Does it plug into DP where the stock O2 sensor is? I know nothing about this gauge but I can follow directions.
-Also I have a Auto meter phantom (White ) boost gauge installed and wanted to keep them the same brand, Any complaints with the autometer EGT?
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You can do it yourself without using a lift. If you on stock turbos, I suggest installing it in the #1 on the exaust manifold (closest to you). Number 6 is ideal but is a BITCH to get to. You will need a drill, 2 drill bits, and a tap. If it is the greddy, you will need a 3/8" drill bit, along with a tap for "pipe thread." Double check the tap, as this is critical. Simply drill into the exaust manifold, crank the engine to remove whatever is in the manifold. Then use the tap to thread the hole which you have created. Then screw the egt probe in. Easy as that. :D
#1 runner is closest to the drivers cabin or toward the front bumper??
becasue I think it is important :)
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