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Good luck.

Companies want the best exposure for their dollar. Proving to them why your Miata is worthy of free product over the next guys fully built 350Z or Scion is going to be tough. The one thing I have learned lately about this field is "If you build it they will come". I tried to get a few things for my Supra while it was being built with no luck, low and behold once it was seen then the interest built up. The same can be said of race cars, no one wants to sponsor a race car that hasn't run yet, this industry has been burnt one too many times recently by things such as this. A good proposal is well written and reflects the owner and the car, it also includes good details such as where the car will be seen, the recent exposure numbers for those shows/races, as well as magazine promises with circulation numbers. There is a lot more researched involved in this other than just putting "Here is my car, give me free parts and I'll tell my friends". If you can't personally come up with a good proposal, don't expect the companies to come up with a reason to sponsor you product.

Craig Liberman on this board is probably the most experianced person when it comes to this field, do a search for some of his posts and your bound to find some insight.
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