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Work Equips on my JDM import, but 17s only :(

245s on the front but could possibly go 255-265 while the rears are 265s but look like the tire could go as wide as 285.

What I'm saying is that on my Supra the tires are a little undersized, that's just how I got the car from Japan. When I need new rubber I'll see what will really fit under there :)

Not the best pics but I hope that helps.

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I have a set of mint condition Work Equips, 18 x 8.5 and 18 x 9.5 or 10. The set is mounted w Kuhmos w like 300 miles on the rubber

I am thinking about going wider and havent installed these yet. Got them from a previous owner who used them for 3 months
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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