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Anyone heard of Greddy's new T88B?

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Anyone heard of Greddy's new T88H?

Supposedly this is Greddy's new "race" version fo the classic T88 turbo. The "H" stands for high out put.
What makes this turbo so great. Does it have the spool of a T78 and the flow of the T88? That would be really sweet. :D

Any info on this turbo would be appreciated. Or if someone actually is using one of these turbos please by all means chime in.

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Believe it or not a guy here in ABQ actually has one installed or is installing it and he is trying to get to Las Vegas for the Supra meet.
My guess is this is a race only deal and his car will be a trailer queen from hence forth. Doubt if it will spool below 5500 rpm it just makes too much wind. A good shot of juice will get it rolling.
Be intresting to see what it actually does??:confused:
Greddys new T88 is the T88H...not the T88B...there is only one in the country currently according to greddy.

Actually I think this guy has it even though he is the king of bull shit. Several people have seen it that are credible!!:confused: :confused:
Hey CJ,

I'm the king of bullshit????:ak: :asshole:
Better watch what you say trailer queen..

It's a T88H and it is ballbearing with different exhaust side
:mad: . Oh yeah the one I have is the only one in the U.S. other than a few race cars.

Hey chris you should talk with your piece of shit... Let me guess you wont want to race due to something wrong with your car, Fuckface.

If anyone else besides CJ has a question about the T88H, feel free to ask.

Latz CDC
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whats the deal??

So whats so different about this turbo, is magic right.
A 88 with 78 characteristics?? What is some info on this, very interested.
Good luck in vegas!
Magic is right about the turbo spooling like a T78, and It builds full boost by 4500rpm. The car will still be driven on the street. I havent put the car on the dyno yet, but as soon as I get some dyno runs I will fill you in. I will not have the car at Vegas Due to lack of tuning.

Hey CJ why do always talk shit about people. I have'nt said one thing about you, and your calling me a bullshitter. Who looks like a ass?? You do. :eek: :eek: :D

When you have the fastest import in New Mexico everyone wants to talk you down. You need to stop being a salty old dawg, and except you will not beat me, ever..:mad:

Latz : :ak: ( White Supra killa w/Frisbee's stickers on the side).:flipo: :flipo:
Why do 2 different guys (well at least 2 different screen names) respond to what CJ said (which was directed towards 1 person) ? Now who is bullshiting?
The reason mervinnn is I used my friends handle (blazinTT). Then I register under my own name. Pretty simple. Lets not get off the subject of the T88H.

Latz. CDC
T88 has a TD08 exhaust wheel and compressor, basically the TD08 34D. The T78 has a TD07 exhaust wheel but the compressor wheel from a TD08. The TD08 is more aggressive and thus spools later. It is not possible for a T88 to spool the same as a T78, there are no magic turbos.
Grant you are right on the TD08. You also have to consider how the wheels are clipped on exhaust, and inlet side of the turbo. This will speed or slow spool of the turbo. Just my .02:D

I will post some dyno sheets when I get them.
The mass of the compressor wheel doesn't really effect spool very much. I just wish GReddy made something a little smaller than the T78.
Greddy made a twin setup for the Supra. I dont think it ever made it to the states. Only Heard of it on a couple Supra's in Japan.
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