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Anyone in Annapolis MD?

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I may need someone to check a car out for me ... anyone willing?

Let me know - and TIA!
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I work in Annapolis all the time...LMK and I might be able to assist you.
Umesh T.
I lived in Annapolis just about all my life, and I still work in Annapolis. There just about every day. Let me know if I can assist you in any way. I'll do what I can.
Jim -
I'm about 30 mins away...throw a few bucks my way for gas and I'll give ya the low down.

I am able to help out too! you have my cell right?

No cash required here.
wait .....Jim I'll pay you to let me help you ;)

...j/k guys. Glad so many step up to help somebody. Peace.
Thanks everyone - I know it's short notice - but if someone would be able to go take a quick look at it and maybe take a short drive in it TODAY pm me. I plan on driving up tomorrow to get it if it's in the type of condition that it's been described as.

I'd be happy to send you $20 for doing this.

call me, I will be down there tonight
shogunsup94 said:
call me, I will be down there tonight
I just did - pick up your phone! haha
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my bad I was on the pooper!
So Jim, how did it go?
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