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Im visiting as usuall in the 93 1jz sc300.. (didnt take the faster one, cops here dont like open DP).

Anyways, tonight is the new IMV movie premiere.

Call if your going we can meet up 3868377567

Sat. April 8, 2006-Team Tork & the Scumballers-IMV Films



This one is unique. A bit different from Vehicular Lunatics. 6 days of crazy driving with little sleep; as opposed to 2 years of compiled footage.

We are renting out the same theater:

Gator Cinemas
6741 W. Newberry Rd.
Gainesville, FL 32605

Show starts at 10:00 PM on Saturday April 8, 2006

$6 for advance tickets / Intmo
$8 at the door


Come watch the IMV crew and Torquenstein drive in the completely illegal, dangerous and insane street racing extravaganza that is the Gumball 3000 Rally.

(The Moroccan experience was somewhat similar to Intmo's Avenue G runs... except it lasted for 2 days straight, with millions worth of exotic metal racing with you.)
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