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Hey everybody!

Im back to Vegas. My bro and I drove his M3 35 hrs straight through from Orlando last night. Neither of us are 21 yet, so the only places we could stay were luxor or excaliber. Since we arent of age, we also cant do anything worth doing around here. We went with excaliber and I must say... I stayed in luxor and wynn last time for SupraInvade and this place looks comparable to a Super 8 with nicer furniture, HAHA. So Im sitting in this refrigerator cold room, its hot as hell out, and Im thinking*** why dont I just invite whoever wants to come party and pack as many ppl in this room as possible and just throw down hotel party style, LMAO.

Let me know if anyones interested. Im just bored.

if no one is down to do this, any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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