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I'm major in Film/Video at Fitchburg State College, Fitchburg MA.
I really really love MKIII but mine is too shitty (I mean shittier then any of you guys', better than any other cars.) to make a video out of it.
So, how about any of you who really really love MKIII so much, so that do not mind driving some distance and putting some money to make one???
I def need high end 3 CCD nimi DV camera which I can rent (I, myself have Sony miniDV but it's just 1 CCD), tripods, some lighting equipments (hmmm how could I get electricity??), mic, and not to forget, MKIIIs and their drivers!!
I also need some good quiet roads with nice veiws. Maybe stay at some place (cheap or free hopefully). Editing will be done on my Mac with Final Cut Pro. I also can burn finished video onto DVDs so that everyone can have a copy in digital.

I am not talking about those short 5mb clips of MKIII which you can't even see MKIII in the dark, or shaking like an earthquake hand held camera.
I've read somewhere that someone is making a movie but they were too far from me, MA to go there and help.

The reason why I am posting this is because I just finished helping a friend of mine with his video project. I really really love making movies as much as MKIII. Summer vacation is coming, so who is interested in this?

I think it will be a lot of fun summer project.
Let me hear what you guys think.

two wheels is all i need
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hehe im with you bro ... uh except i dont have a MKIII

but i would love to see a vid like that lol

when you make it, def let us know! and if your planning on hosting it for free :) im the guy for the job... ive been waiting for a MKIII vid to comeout ... yeah moust of them are nothing really just some racing and some fun !!!! but nothing i can enjoy as much as the MKIV RedLine vids :bigthumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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