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Anyone used OS giken quad plate

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hey guys,

I reached the limit of my OS Giken twin plate clutch. 500 rwkw on our dyno dynamics dyno's with nittos is too much for it.
Drives fine on the street, but wont hold the power on the track.

Has anyone used the OS quad plate?

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First question, what are you looking for in a new clutch?
The Quad is a huge step up from a twin, I believe rated at 1,200hp.
Also, unless your using a Holinger or similar box, the Quad's going be near impossible to drive on the street. But... you won't have any problems with it at the track (except getting used to it).
I haven't personally used the OS quad, I have though driven the Exedy carbon quad (and was amazed).
What mods do you have and what goals are you looking for (ie. 1/4 mile times, huge power etc?).
All i'm saying is that maybe the Quad isn't the next step, thats all.
I drove an OS Quad plate clutch for a GT-R and it wasn't bad actually. Not easy to drive , but not as hard as I thought it could have been.

Lots of other people that moved the car did have issues though.

Carbon clutch if you are going to do it . They are very smooth and easy to drive.

I have driven an ATS twin and triple and they are nice to drive.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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