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Anyone with a HKS EVC EZ, I need your help!!!

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About three weeks ago I took off my dash and glove box to move my HKS EVC EZ to under my new single din head unit and I realized there was not enough wire to reach the new location I wanted to put it at. So I took the pins out of the harness (pins out and harness on the EVC EZ side, not the ecu side) and drawed a picture of where the pins went so I could just look at the picture when I want to hook everything back up again. I did this so I could add extender wires to each wire at my work with a solder iron and wire strippers and shrink wrap. Well I did that but someone in my house threw away my notes on where the wires go in the harness.

Can someone please look at there EVC and let me know the PIN-OUTs, and please clarify what direction you are looking at the harness from (front or back, front being the actuall side that gets put into the other harness and back being the side that you see wires coming out of that go to the EVC EV itself.

Thanks alot
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