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I was wondering if anyone was using the sparco seat brackets (adaptors) that fit the factory holes so you can use their seats in a mkiv supra. My friend with 3000gt bought some Torino seats, used the sparco brackets and sliders and when you sit in the car your head touches the roof! It seems that the seats sit about 3 inches higher then they used to. I was just wondering if the supra is the same way. Hopefully the seat maintains similar position characteristics because the ones in his car SUCK!! Thanks.

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I have the brackets if you need them used for 2 days. 85+shipping for both of them they are $75 each new.


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I hate those aftermarket sliders... Apparently even the SPARCO distributors don't even like them. Extrememly heavy and on most cars make the seat too high.
It's a pain but I've done a few seat installs, and I usually take the stock slider assemblies, hack off the brackets that fit to the stock seats, and make up the adapters myself. Makes the seat install and work like factory and at the correct height.

IMHO, it's a waste to install Torrinos or Milanos in anything. Don't want to offend but they aren't that comfortable, and are just as heavy as stock seats. And actually RX-7 seats are half the weight of Torrinos...
If you want an adjustable seat for the Supra get a Recarro SRD or the like. If you don't mind a non-adjustable since the back seat is useless anyway get the SPARCO Roadster. 15 lbs and way more comfy than the Torrino or Milano... cheaper too.
Once again IMHO...
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