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My 94TT is BPU+ and I just got a Haltech Elite 2500 to go standalone. Sticking with stock fuel (upgraded injectors though) for now, and would like to drop in a fuel-pressure sensor somewhere. Is there any easy spot to do that ? Maybe the banjo/union bolt on the existing fuel-pressure regulator or feed on the fuel rail (delivery pipe in TSRM) ?

For example, for oil pressure you can replace the bolt holding the oil filter housing with a Lexus version that has a 1/8" npt hole on the end. Easy to put the oil-pressure sensor there. Hoping there's something similar for fuel-pressure.

The reason for all this is to maintain the 9V-12V stock fuel ecu. Running the pump at 9V keeps stress down, but importantly reduces heating when the load requirement isn't there. The fuel pump is fed via the fuel ecu by the EFI2 relay, so it's on anyway. The standalone can control the 9V-12V enable signal based on rpm, fuel-pressure, whatever.

At 9V fuel pressure is 21-34psi, while at 12V it's 33-40psi.
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