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Apex E.L. Gauge types

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I have been looking at some gauges and I have found some weird things I don't understand.

The Apex E.L. series gauges have both Electronic and Mechanical boost gauges. The mechanical gauge comes in either psi or bar displays. But the electronic gauge only comes in the bar version. Why doesn't they offer the electronic version with psi on the display? Would converting be as easy as opening the gauges and swaping the gauge background?

Also the Apex E.L. series doesn't have a air/fuel gauge. They only offer a EGT gauge. Is the EGT gauge just as good as a A/F gauge? I always thought a EGT was a cheap version of the A/F gauge. I had my mind set on a A/F gauge, but I can't find one with a white/indigo background. Is there one available from another company? Or is the Apex EGT just as good?
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A true good A/F meter is around $1k.

EGT is the next best thing.
badmuthrfkr said:
A true good A/F meter is around $1k.

EGT is the next best thing.
Ack! Never realised they were that expencive. I thought they cost maybe like twice as much, not 3-5 times a EGT gauge.
Build one yourself!

How about a digital WB A/F gauge for less than half of that? TechEdge DIY kit I've got 4 PCBs, 4 parts kits, 2 display kits - all for a bit under $200. I'll still need O2s but those run as little as $117 apiece. I'm equipping multiple cars - you'd only need one of each. Most of the A/F "gauges" you see aoround are silly little volt meters tuned for a specific voltage range. Since most O2s don't have a linear response and peak at 14.7:1 (stoich) their use as a tuning tool is pretty limited. A WB meter is much more accurate and linear. A similiar setup from Motec or Horiba would indeed cost $1K+. Funny how they sell the SAME Bosch O2 sensors that the TechEdge\DIY-WB folks found being used in OEM Hondas for $117 off the net isn't it? :rolleyes:

I've only recently gotten my parts and am just beginning to build my first heater circuit. So far it doesn't look too difficult and for the money it's certainly worth a shot IMO! If you can wield a soldering iron and follow directions with maybe a bit of electronics experience this could be your answer...
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God bless you...I was just going to search for this WB A/F project post when I stumbled on your post/link! Good timing.

There's a warning on this Australian site that reads:

"Note: This is a small PCB - and you will need very good electronics skills to construct the kit."

I do have elect assy/PCB experience but not with miniature stuff.

When do you plan on putting yours together? Would sure appreciate getting your feedback on level of difficulty and special tools required, etc.
How long did it take to receive it?


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Working on it now

It took about 2-3weeks for it to get here. I think they may be waiting on a part right now - check their site. The assembly doesn't look to be too bad - "small" in this case means 1.5X4inches or so. There are no SMT parts, it's all pretty much normal size stuff. The parts ARE put in there a bit tightly but a normal pencil soldering iron shoudl work. If I could find my roll of solder I'd already have a few pieces mounted :( Head oout to their site and read the assembly instructions, there are pictures that are bigger than full size that show component placement so you'll have som eidea as to what you're getting into. I'm not far along but so far it doesn't look like this will be too bad...

When you're done with assy and testing, could you please post your feedback.

Jay :cool:
Hrmph - stuck already. Directions call for a voltage regualtor - looks like a transistor. None of the ones in th epackage look like the right one and the one transistor I KNOW is some sort of voltage handling device is NOT the right one - it goes elsewhere. Doh!

I'm going to take a second look later on and maybe have a friend assist me. Once I've got one built the others should be cake. The assembly instructions for the display unit look to be even more brief (sigh). Just need to muddle through is all - been about 12 years since I've done much in the way of electronics work :(
I was browsing yesterday thru the various pages of this OZ site and saw some warnings about wrong parts that were shipped, etc.
You may wanna look thru it yourself; it may save you some frustration and possible board damage.

Jay :cool:
Nah, that was an LED in the display kit as I recall - already checked mine and found the correct manufacturer. Mine was ordered before they had the problems I think (shrug). Might just go ahead and do some of the other parts if I've got time tomorrow.
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