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Apex-RSM or G-Tech Pro?

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Will be buying a speed meter soon. Which do you recomend the G-TECH PRO or the APEX-RSM?:cool:

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First you post seeing what the best free mods are then you go on to ask what Speed meter to about skip the speed meter and get a downpipe :) what no tracks around you?
For the record - I have a downpipe if you did not read my mods! And its always good to know what else one can do to improve performance without spending too much.:cool:
Hello! sorry didn't catch that...
May i ask why your buying a speed meter?
Gas and fees of a local drag strip is cheaper. And you have a real timeslip.

My $.02,

If you don't have a strip to go to... i don't know.. the electronic devices aren't perfect.
I wish there was a drag strip to go to!! I dont know if you realise I live in India and there is no Drag Racing here!!!! So what your saying is the RSM's arnt accurate? I really have no other option but buy one, cause I need to know if my upgrades are having much effect!

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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