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hey im looking for wire diagrams for the safc as i want to install it on my supra then later down the track get it tuned.

yes before people start blasting me about the search function i have and havnt come up with alot. only real diagram ive seen is the diagram but i was hoping to have actual pics of peoples wired up safc to ecu just so i can get a better picture of it all.

also na supra from australia to add a little info.

any help appreciated


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red------------------ig power -------------- pin 31
red and white--------ig power -------------- pin 31
green ---------------rpm--------------------pin 58
gray-----------------throttle signal----------pin 43
brown and white-----karmen signal output--- pin 66 towards ecu
black and white------karmen signal input-----pin 66 away from ecu
orange --------------illumination power------ any interior lighting source???

i think thats how i did mines worked fine
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