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apexi twin chamber BOV

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any one pimping an apexi BOV? how does it sound? 1-10 10 being loudest
and what setup stock twins or turbo upgrade? i've been wanting to change out my ghetto blitZz thanXx
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I would say 5-6 out of 10.
My setup is (mostly) stock twins, but I still keep the factory BOV with the Apexi BOV. Right after installing it without the stock BOV, the idle is not really smooth and another supra guy here told me to put the stock BOV back on. It's running great now!
I had one on my MR2 and it was loud as shit! I swear to you people walking down the road would take cover if I let off the gas at full boost. It has the PPSSSSHHHHH sound, not the whistle like the HKS.

I have no idea what it sounds like on a Supra though. So I guess I'm no help! Sorry!:D
With the hood open, it blows the dust off the garage rafters. I still have my stock bov on also, so it is greatly muffled. IMO, it is what a bov should sound like.
i'd say it's a 3

it's not very loud. but if you want to konw what it sounds like just go driving on the freeway and drive next to a 18 wheeler.

that's what the bov sounds like. just like the one's on the big rigs.

but to me it sounds good. it's loud on full boost at BPU.
I've been running one on stock twins with some mods for almost 3 years and still love hearing it every time I lift off the throttle. I'd give it a 7.
Anyone have a sound clip of it?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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