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After upgrading and tuning my '89 turbo, I'm not completely happy with the results and I think the car should be putting down more horsepower. Results will vary, but I am curious what other Suprafans are getting with similar set ups.

The important upgrades:
- Powerhouse Racing MAP ECU
- SP61GT turbo
- Port and polished head
- 3" intake and exhaust, no cats
- Stock intercooler

After tuning, the car dyno'd at 360 rwhp at 15 psi and 405 rwhp at 18 psi. I expected better performance at these boost levels. (Adam Hintgen ( dyno'd 310 rwhp with the stock CT26 at 13 psi.)

Anyone with a similar set up as mine turning similar results or getting better numbers?

I've heard that 400hp is about the limit with the stock IC. Any idea how much improvement a new IC would do for the car?

As always, thanks for your corporate knowledge and keeping the fire burning for the MKIII!
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