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arc swaybars

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do any of you guys use arc swaybars?
i'm asking b/c i have a set but one of my rear swaybar bushings is alittle cracked.
i've asked before on the forums if anyone carries this product or knew where to get it but came up w/ nothing.
maybe you guys can help.

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if you look in a japanese hyper rev magazine.
you can find it in there.
if you happen to have supra no.3 vol 70 it is on pg.104 under stabilizer.
there are two pictures, the one on the right is the mkiv set.
which i have.
not very many people have ever heard of these.
It's the stupid expensive stuff. ie. 900USD for cold box intake. Nice stuff just WAY overpriced.
its not the same company as the one that makes the cold air intakes and radiators.
but they do have the exact same name.
thats the link.
Enzox how did you find that link?
finally now i just hope that i can order the bushings by themselves.
thanks enzox.

i contacted them and they said their japanese supplier would not sell the bushings only.
i am never going to be able to get a set of bushings for my swaybars.
thanks anyways enzox.

Try to contact Mackin Industies in Santa Fe Springs, CA. and ask for Steve Lim if he can help you with the ARC sway bar. I hope its the same ARC we are talking about, pricey and mainly used in Japan (562) 946-6820 ext 113
Good Luck man. I got my ARC bov and Intercooler from them (they did a test fit on my supra before production).
thanks for the reply Harut,
unfortunately they are not the same ARC.
ive contacted them before and they told me this.
thanks for looking out.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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