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Are these lights a problem??

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Over the last week - sometimes the following lights come on for no apparent reason (at least not apparent to me).
Lights are MIL, trac off, and check engine. :confused:
This first happened after going to the dyno a week ago - this was the first time I had actually pulled the trac fuse and EF1 and EF2 fuses.
The fuses look fine, the contacts look clean, they are in firmly.
If I pull all the fuses again and clear the ECU - the lights go off.
It may take only minutes or a couple of days until they come on again while driving.
Main question - is this a problem ??
What should I do?
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clearly a sensor is reporting a fault to the ecu. there is a way of getting the code from shorting out two leads in the passenger side engine compartment it is lsited I believe on which is down for repairs right now:( alternatly go to a dealer and get them toread teh code for you on your year it has obd1 and the info provided is less but will point you in the right direction might be soemthing simple like a bad O2 sensor..
Here's something really stupid... but it has worked EVERYTIME that someone had the problem and the light doesnt come on all the time or stay on..... next time it comes on just tap your hand on that side of the light area and see if they flicker or goes off and on or something... if they do u have loose solder connection inside.... just take it apart and resolder.... its usually due to when taking off that panel that holds all your lights on the left and right side of your instrument.... good luck.... this has fixed a lot of supras in my area....
Yea, take apart the assembly housing the lights and resolder the joints on the circuit board. Only a light solder is necessary. Be careful not to solder adjoining joints together or you'll get a short. The joints probably came loose over time. This happened to me and after soldering no more intermittant lights. Check your bulbs too.

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