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aristo water pump differ from supra 2jz water pump?

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I bought a aristo 2jzgte swap for my 240sx went to replace the water pump found out that its different then the supra 2jzgte water pump, any idea where to find this pump at, any help would be appreciated, or should i go with the 2jz supra pump and buy the housing and pulley, any differences in the the two. thanks

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aristo = hydraulic fan setup
mkiv supra = clutch fan setup

if you are using electrical or clutch fan setup stick with the mkiv supra water pump

if you have a hydraulic fan setup use that water pump

you cannot run the aristo water pump with the clutch fan. if you try to use it with an electric fan it will die fast (the hydraulic system is built into the pump it'll mess things up trust me :p)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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