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You know you've been looking at too many expensive car parts when $1600 seems quite reasonable, haha.
My friend, it only gets worse if you let it. There's a reason old guys have ridiculously cool cars sometimes, it's because they never learned restraint! :p

As for the AZ Performance kit, I have the four piston front and rear setup, with parking brake. The only minor (and I mean MINOR) issue I've run into, is that if you have Beech upper control arms on the front, there is a chance your caliper will hit the control arm before you reach full steering lock. In practicality however, if you're turning the wheel that much and are trying to get somewhere quickly, you're probably out of the car's element anyway.

This has only been the slightest issue for me at autocross, and I stress, it's a MINOR issue, because even if the caliper didn't hit the control arm, your hub would hit the stop screw very soon afterward. Now, if we had aftermarket control arms that allowed for increased steering angle (hint hint Andy Z haha), my particular issue could become a bigger one, but as is... not a big deal.

Performance is fantastic. You'll forget all about how stock Mk3 brakes suck, or you'll learn that, by way of comparison. That's not meant as an insult to anyone or any car, as I actually liked my stock brakes with Porterfield pads. I guess another way to put it is, I've never felt like I needed more brake on the car. Grip, on the other hand...
21 - 21 of 21 Posts