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ARP head stud install procedure

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Did a search, could'nt find any info on ARP head stud kit. Wondering what's the torque sequence, and the Ft/Lb spec for the 12-pt nuts. What is the procedure, hand tight first, then lower the gasket, then the head, the torque to 65 Ft/Lbs? Also, what lubricant is recommended? I've read articles of lube needed to be spread evenly over threads, etc.....any help appreciated.
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ARP studs

You seem to have the sequence right. Hand tighten the studs into the motor, drop the HG on, and carefully install the head. Put all the nuts on, and work from the center out in an x pattern, torquing them to 65ft/lbs. Wait a few hours and torque them again. The moly lube was included in the box with my ARP's. Lube both ends.. If anything is unclear, give Larry at SP a call or e-mail. He'll know, thats where i got my info..
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