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I am getting ready to put on the studs in the block, but it says clean the thread first. so ok, I figure whatever, I'll just check and see how well they go in. lik4 threads are left above the block surface, which is a little higher than what I figure the stock bolts are(when putting them side by side in the holes in the head) so I am gonna clean out the thread holes....but um, how do I do this? I'm heading to walmart now, gonna get some wb40 and spray that shit out while the engine is upiside down to see what I can get to come out. I read that its ok to have the threads stick out too, but yeah..whatever I'll try to clean them out. How did you guys do it?

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I filled up the bolt holes with petrol and let it soak for a bit before syringing it out. Then wound in an old head bolt a bit at a time, stopping if it started to tighten up. Then more syringing with petrol until it comes out clean. The proper way to do it is buy a finshing tap (I think that's what they're called) of the correct thread size and run that down.
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