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Hi there...well..thought id make a post......
I am sort of at a loss.

Supra MK IV GE MT .
Dosnt seem to want too play.

Long day out driving on a dual carriage way....the darn thing just spluutered a bit..then just died......RPM died too zero.....
I tried re starting..whilst the car was still rolling along...
The RPM rose on trying too start but it wouldnt start....

The car has been a pain ever since.....

I think i found the issues...the Rear mounted Fuel pump controller...

And a bad ecu....(two capacitors had inside blown)
the F.P controller large blue thing inside was blown outwards also :....

Thing is..i obtained a 2nd hand F.P.controller and a 2nd hand Main engine ecu...

This was after oberous time spent....trying too locate sort the problem..

i.e engine socket DCL running the fuel pump via a bridging wire....Toyota tool sst in other words ha. ( knowing sparks okay it still wouldn't start up)

Thing still wouldn't run start?
I then replaced the two capacitors in the orIg did run for 9 seconds start and run..then just just cut out agin.

So i obtained said items...2nd hand ecu and F.P.Controller.

Still no joy........fpc controller arrived i opened the case before using fitting.....i got sold a duff item..:(
it had a blown large blue thing inside too :(

So sigh i had too buy another 2nd hand one.....(there hard too find :( i have found...:(.. )
Any ways it arrived..i bonded my self to rads..then opened the case too check..looked okay inside no bad soldering or blown components of the electrical side.
Out of curiosity.....why are the TT F.P controllers diffrent?.
And...Modern GT 86 F.P. contorllers..could i sue one them?

I notice dosme toyota F.P.Controllers..have 6..!!! connectors instread of the GE 5 in the F.P.controller ??
What woudl the 6th conector do...? in some TT and GT86 FPContrleers?
I assume the 5 are
4..(+ F.P realy)
5...(+ too fuel pump)
If were discussing GT86 or TT supra...what does the 6th connector go too?)
I was having trouble getting a GE F.P controller , so idea had crossed me mind of adapting..fitting a GT 86...or a 2Nd hand TT they are larger and must be more lasting?

So i fitted it.

I fitted the 2nd hand ECU as was a GE MT but of slight diff part number....for the 2jz. A80.

i MUST MENTION HERE...MY DASH fault code light....never worked properly since i had the car....some times it would come on before start enigne others it wouldnt? (bad dash circuit unit of it i think- i did multi meter check it though and it seemed okay?)

Any ways..........back to the dillemar haha

I plugged this 2nd hand not quite exact P/N ecu in.........way hay the fault code light now works :)

But the ignition too run before start..i still cant hear the fuel pump prime for 3 seconds :( ???

I checked the fault codes with this 2nd hand working ecu (working as in giving fault codes light)...i got a TPS switch fault ....from it.....?
So in my yellow brick road i replaced that T.P.S ...but alas still no start...(modern engines shuld start run ..but not great for driving with a faulty T.P.S

So.........orig ecu...blown...capacitors x 2...replaced.ran for 9 seconds.....
ECU replace for a 2nd hand GE MT not exact ecu...- but it gives fault light :) that works fr once...
Replaced orig F.P. controller...(had blown blue thing isnside) fro a 2nd hand F.P.C which looked okay inside..

But...still no F.P prime..or start....

Ive checked the usual...fuel pump relay...(+) main and activate ing (+)
I checked (+) from F.P relay too the F.P.C connector in the boot arrea...its okay
I checked power too the main Engine ECU...and ground ..there okay....
I checked power from the ecu too..the T.P.S, C.P.S, Electronic Distributor connector, And power too the MAP sensor.. ( remember mines a Jap import...With J spec...GE engine....with a MAP sensor..not a Europe /uk spec GE with a Votex MAF sensor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I checked the F.P direct feeding it for few seconds on 12 ran fine...
When i used the engine bay.DCL socket too run the could feel good pressure in the fuel inlet hoses fro the fuel pump under the floor.
(Fuel filter was replaced)

I did a spark test the Distributor coil and amplifier must all be working okay.

Im at a-loss guys...

do the engine sensors...go too the Engine ecu first...then too the F.P controller?

Or do the T.PS/CPS, DIZZY just go direct too control the FP...they go direct too the F.P.Controller?

i cracked the Fuel pressure...reg whislt i had the fuelp pump runnign from bridging the DHCL socket in the engine bay....fuel came out okay....

i checked fuses of course there okay...

When i do a continuity check.........batt disconnected...

from the engine sensors..
TPS, CPS, Dizzy...the wiring seems okay too the F.P controller....

I did a batt off...continuity check of the engine sensors too the main Engine ecu.....sockets also.....they seemed okay....

Let me recap...

fuses checked.
F.P relay checked.
Power too from F.P relay too F.P.controller okay.
Wire from F.P.C too fuel pump okay
F.P runs fine. signal
TPS replaced .
power too TPS, CPS, DIZZY, MAP.
Grounds too all okay as well.

2nd hand FP controllers x 2 got..1 was U/S..other seemed okay...
2x ECU gives fault light s ..other dosnt?...both dont make engine run?
Both ecus tried with 2nd hand looks okay inside F.P controller

But im still jot getting a 3 second prime with key turned too run pstion...and on trying too start....engine does not fire up?

I ahve sparks...and with fuel pump bridged too run constant.....engine still wont start up run?

:( at a real loss peoples..

Can any one shed any light on this here conundrum..

If any one can...would be appreciated.

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Oh by the way..i noted some guys were having a discussion, on by passing the F.P controller and just feeding 12 volts all the time..?...
is that a good didea...and what of the engine signals....Dizzy, TPS, crank sensors?...would they need to be still need to be wired up if they connect too the F.P controller?

What could be causing this issue?

is it a link in ther chain?
if the engine ecu is playing up....will it affect the F.P controller? control.
or would the engine ecu not effect the FPC.......

The dizzy must make the FP work from the controller duding start..once engine starts the Crank sesnor must keep the F.P running...

and the TPS...varys the voltage....from 12 volt for 3 secs after starting..then reverts too 9 volts......but with sudden throttle or WOT..reverts back too 12 volt..for a few seconds..?
crank sesnor...
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