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I was wondering how loud is the atr exhaust? Becuz I liked the sound clip from . I believe it was a red supra na with it... I was hooked and I also msg atr official site on info of it. All they could tell me is that it would be loud on a supra na. I tried msgin the guy that had the red supra in florida but no luck. I really need to kno how loud it is... since im in cali... is it louder than 95db? Plus would u here it from 2 blocks away? Plz help me... recently i found a thread with a sound clip but couldnt d/l it... THANKS GUYS

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yeah sorry, im not on sf too much. as for how loud the exhaust is, its loud but extreamly mean sounding. i have better sound clips of the car befor a mid pipe and after mid pipe install.

as for the db levels, well im prity sure it will be too loud, but almost any exhaust will be, maby the greddy sp or such probly still at around those levels at WOT.

i have better clips of the exhaust and how it sounds but i have no place to put them up.

if you want IM me later my SN is ZeroOne8 and ill give you the updated video with better sound capture on it.
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