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Hey Lar,

I know you are busy with the move, but could you please email me. I want to set up a time to bring in the car in to get it set up. I want to have the first 800rwhp Supra outa the new shop.

And since we're here I'll ask a question for all to read. Is there a significant dropoff in breaking performace if you convert to NA rear brakes. And what is the approx. cost of the rear brake converion.

(before anyone asks; I want NA brakes so I can use 15" wheels at the track--ie. slicks)

thanks Lar,

Mike (who finds new ways to spend money at SP daily)

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Jonathan S said:

From my understanding, the rear brakes are only used when the e-brake is engaged or when you lock the brakes up and ABS kicks in.

At all other times, I don't think you'll notice a difference.
That's not correct! Rear brakes are used every time you push on the brake pedal (in addition to when the e-brake is used). The difference will be most noticeable if you road race the car, but being how you're a 1/4 mile type of guy w/ an auto I don't think it will happen;).

To summarize, on the street and at the strip you'll be fine w/ N/A rear brakes. After all, 80% of all braking is done by the front brakes. Should you notice a significant imbalance in the car, just get more aggressive pads for the rear. I don't think you would have to do it though.

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I know the Supra is 4-Piston in front, what about Rear?

4-Piston, 2-Piston?

Also, what is the Brake Proportioning?

I hear someone mention 80% in Front, but how much actually Brake force is applied to Fr\Back?

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