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Please accept my apology for the very late reply to this post.

Barry et al, thanks very much for asking about the race. It had its good moments and its bad moments. Mainly, the bad was that the guys at SCCA didn't let Jeff drive. Some technicality with them not sending him his renewed racing license back from Denver in time from the race -- even though they cashed his check on the Thursday before the race.

Poor Jeff was so bummed. :-( After all the work he put into getting the car ready, the sleepless nights the weeks before the race when he was doing inventory till 9, going home to work on the car, and then going back to work after two hours of sleep..... Nothing.... he can't drive in the race.

To show you what a great guy Jeff is.... here's what he did -- he turned to me and said "well Andi.. I'm out of this race but you came here and you're all prepared to race.... you want to drive the whole Enduro alone? If you do, go right ahead..... the car's here and ready and it makes no sense wasting it." So, in the end, I ran the Endurance race alone in Jeff's car. He didn't charge me anything for the "rental" and none of the points from the race can be shared with him since he didn't drive.

Anyways..... I drove the whole race. I ran on my own g-Force TA KD's rather than Jeff's Forgelines w/ Kumho V700s since I couldn't afford to burn up a $700 set of Kumhos alone in one day. Heh. Only problem was that Jeff has a custom Kirkey racing seat that is made to his measurements -- and Jeff is a thin guy. I'm not. By the end of the race my not so petite posterior was litereally WELDED to the seat. :-o

The race went pretty well. Not many can say that their debut SSCA road race was 6-hour Enduro that got them a 1st place plaque for a class leading finish, can they? ;-)

I will try to have some pics up soon.....

Andi Racing ;)

P.S. To summarize..... Texas rules, and JEFF WATSON IS THE MAN. :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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