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ATTN: Brad Mayo

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I am assuming that the SP turbo will be fine with the AFC settings at zero and at low boot (14psi) until I get it tuned. This of course assumes that you don't exceed the metering capacity of the stock MAF. I was just curious what your AFC was set to after tuning? I will be going to Turbo Tune next week to do the tuning.

I have the stock turbos off (what a pain). Now when UPS arrives today the installation will begin. :D

Thanks in advance for the info, Steve
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I finally got the EVC EZ installed... What day are you planning on going to Turbo Tune?
Sorry, off the topic but....Steve, please check your email. (want to buy your stock twins ASAP) thanks
Steve Jarvis
are you going to use maf or vpc with safc ???? or vpc with gcc??

I will call Mark and find out what his schedule is like as soon as my car is up and running.


You have mail.


I will be running the stock MAF with safc at first. If that won't flow enough, or I exceed the MAF capacity, I will go with a dual MAF and safc combo.

Later, Steve
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many thanks !if you need help withthe dual maf let me know my friend did the set up already and had it working perfect!
Well, I've got a VPC so I dont know how bad that'll make my settings differ but....My AFC's settings are a little jumpy. At 3000 its +4% and 3500 its +6% but once the turbo is all the way on I start leaning it out. It goes as low as -11% at 5500. My VPC is also at -6% on the gain knob. Overall the car runs super rich without using the AFC and VPC to take LOTS out. I left everything at zero before I tuned it and I fouled a set of plugs in 150 miles. You should be fine:)............Good luck, shoot me an email too.
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