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Hey all,

Trying to tune my car for 18psi. Previous owner installed an HKS FCD and a Profec B. Right now i'm topping out at approx. 1 bar, maybe slightly less, (14 psi) in 3rd gear. I'd like to know a good voltage setting for the FCD and a tutorial on how to tune the profec B. Thanks guys.



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to set up the profecB, the sharp mild knob controls overboosting. It's best to set the knob as sharp as you can without getting overboost, mine is set to about 1 o'clock. If I have the lo boost knob all the way up I still only hit 1.1-1.2bar. If you want to boost over that you have to switch to the high boost knob. For me I hit 1.3 bar at about 12o'clock, but this will depend on your can and the weather.
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