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boostedsupratt said:

I am asking for your advice on my problem because you have a very similar setup as me, as far as blow off valves. Anyways, here is my question. It sounds to me that right after I let off the throttle and shift I can hear what sounds like backpressure on the turbo and then the bov kicks in. I have two blitz SS bovs and a single. I think the delay in the bov is being caused by 1)my vacuum lines being too long or 2) the vacuum lines are not hooked up correctly.
I was wondering where you hooked the vacuum line of your bov's up too. I have my boost controller (hks ez) tied into one of the bovs and then it goes into an outlet from the right side/center of the intake manifold. (I wish I had a pic). Then I have the other vacuum line from the second bov going to an outlet on the bottom/forword/right side of the intake manifold. But anyways...there seems to be only 2 intake vaccuum outlets that I can tie into on the intake manifold. I wish I had 3 so I didn't have to tie my boost controller into one of the bovs.

Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks ahead of time. ;)
My vaccuum is obtained directly from the intake manifold for the bov. At first with the blitz I had that problem. I assumed it was because I only had one Blitz BOV. I switched to that HKS type II and it works perfect. No more back pressure on the turbo.
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